Residential & Commercial Dustless Tile Removal and Demolition

With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in dustless flooring removal demolition services easily and quickly.
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Dustless Tile Removal
Dustless Demo has invested thousands of dollars into our sub-floor and tile demolition equipment to keep your home or business dust free.
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Licensed, Bonded & Insured
Dustless Demo Pros of Phoenix is an Arizona licensed contractor, bonded and insured. Worry free work completed for 100% of our clients. 
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Fast & Easy Tile Removal
Our machines are the newest in the trade and are capable of removing floors from an entire house or building in just 1 DAY. Compare to a handyman or flooring installer taking 4-7 days.
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About Us

We Have Over 20 Years of Experience In The Industry

Dustless Demo Services LLC of Arizona was founded by two “Paisano’s  from New York, living in and both running successful restoration companies in the Arizona. Joshua and Larry visioned  a solution to an on-going problem in the world “Dust”.   In the mist of time, the dust was settled and these two entrepreneurs started clearing the air.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee 
Fast and efficient service
Equipped with professional tools
Dust Free
Easier to breath
More profit 
Josh & Larry

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What We Provide

Need an estimate on your floor removal with Dustless Demolition? Contact Us for a free quote today!
Dustless Demolition
Ready to remove or replace that old tile? Our dustless title removal service is fast and best of all "Dust Free!"
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Residential Tile Removal
Ready to remove the old tile in your home, we can help. Renovations, repairs, new installation just call the Dustless Demo Pros!
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Commercial Tile Removal
Does your office building or commercial property need tile removed without making a mess? Go Dust Free and call us today! 
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Want to get rid of an old tile flooring without any dust laying around? Dustless Demolition is here to ensure we properly remove the old tile flooring inside of your home so you can continue to create your dream renovated home. We provide tile flooring removal services to many homeowners across Arizona. We offer Dustless Demolition for residential and commercial tile removal. Removing tile flooring yourself may take up to days and more money if you have no experience removing tile flooring. You’ll be able to get a fast turnaround time for any tile flooring demolition when hiring us for your next demolition project, instead of taking weeks and months to get the job done. With Dustless Demolition we can increase the value of your home when you have our experienced team come in instead of you DIYing it and it not looking like how you imagine it would turn out when it’s time for showings once your house is on the market. Removing tile flooring in your home, we want to make it as dustless as possible to ensure no mess and no dust being hazardous to homeowners.
Why Choose Us

We Provide The Best Materials For Your Floor and Paving

Dustless Demolition has been working in the industry for over 20 years providing 100% satisfaction guaranteed to many homeowners across Arizona. Your home will be dust-free and have a quick tile removal process when Dustless Demolition is helping you with your demolition. We can ensure that your home will be in safe living condition when it comes to air quality and no shattered messes are left behind so get back to living your life. 
Years Of Experiences
Of Happy Clients
Trusted By Local Contractors
Dollars Save Each Job
Our Projects

Our Latest Projects

Let the Dustless Demolition team help you with your next demolition project so you can create your dream home. 
Bathroom Demolition & Remodel 
Quick and easy, dust-free floor removal in a recent bathroom rennovation.
Post Water Damage Floor Removal
Water damage can be the worst, lots of repairs and damage restoration needed here.
Home Renovation Dustless Tile Removal
The real estate market is moving fast and so are the renovations on older homes or housing flips. Get things moving faster by calling us!
Commercial Dustless Tile Removal
The cost of being closed for clean-up in your commercial space can be expensive. Business owners save time and money with dustless tile removal. 
Tile Removal For New Installation Project
Dustless Demo Pros called to help with a home flip in the central phoenix area.
Floor Repair
Repairing and removing tile can be messy but not when you call the Dustless Demo Pros.

What Client Says

  • “Dustless Demolition team are fantastic! They removed my old tile flooring in my fixer property so quickly and left without any dust lingering around!”

  • “I had this old tile in my kitchen for years and wanted to update the flooring. It was really hard to right the contractor to do the job. A friend of mine recommended me to Dustless Demo and they did a great job at easily removing the tile and it was easier for me to breathe. I will definitely be working with these guys again!”

  • “There is no waiting around for the right guy to come to finish the job when working with Dustless Demo. They did a perfect job on removing my old tile flooring in my home as my wife and I are renovating it into our dream home!”

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