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Dustless Demolition has an experienced team of professionals that works on dustless demolition, residential tile removal, and commercial tile removal across Arizona. Our residential floor demolition service is our team using equipment to suck up the dust before it even touches on the surface of the ground. Dust from demolition inside of your home can be dangerous to breathe with your lungs and may cause lung disease over time. With our Dustless Demolition Residential Tile Removal service, you won’t have to worry about harmful air quality and dangerous messes from the flooring demolition process.

Once one of our team members has come on-site to meet with you and go over the areas needed of tile flooring demolition, they we will get the team prepared with all gear and equipment for the demolition process. We will go ahead start covering the interior of your home and furniture to protect from anything from getting damaged during the demolition process.

We will then go in and start using our professional equipment such as jackhammers to remove your old tile flooring. As we remove the tile flooring, to prevent as dust particles from flying in the air or laying on the surface of the ground we use our vacuum system. We always make sure we are protected things during the demolition process but also making sure your home is in perfect living condition.

After we have completely finish the tile flooring demolition, we will clean up any used equipment and any areas they may have a little spot of dust laying around. We want to help with your tile flooring demolition so you can continue your dream renovations for your residential or commercial property and also make sure your home is safe with us when our team performs demolition on your property.
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